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Our School

ELIKA TRAINING has been functioning for many years; we are specialized in teaching foreign languages and French for foreigners.

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Our Method

All our courses are exclusively face to face. Our students  pay for the hours ‘worked ‘with their teacher: no “homework” is set, no classes where the student is left alone in front of a computer, no “standard” classes.

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Our Knowledge

Teachers are the spine of a school. The value of a school is measured by the valuet of its teachers. Being a native speaker  is not enough, nor to have a teaching diploma if one is French.

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Did you know?

You can choose an option;

- 20 hours package you can renew
- 2 hour lessons per week minimum
- One to one, duo or group lessons

- 2/3/4 lessons per day for 2 weeks and more

Ask for a FREE AUDIT and we will help you to find the best option for you! Check our guest book and see the comments of our customers, it might help you to design your own course.

And remember, At Elika Training you are not "just a credit card number", you are our best recommandation!


Susan Carley"One of the best language teaching organizations I have attended. I had studied French both in school and at various educational institutions in the United States but Elika uses advance techniques and rules that I have not come across anywhere else. I would highly recommend Elika and its teaching practices to any professional who is serious and interested in learning a language from A to Z correctly"

Lawyer USA, Immersion Course


Dinka Cinnamon"I could definitely recommend the school to you! I think Elika developed a unique system that is easy to learn . Both Elisabeth and Angelique are really dynamic and great teachers."

classic session


Theresa Macbeth "We find the structure and pace at which Elisabeth / Elika training operates for us, perfect, and while we have a long way to go, are very happy with our progress to date."

Lawyer, New Zeland, classic session


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