Our Method


All our courses are exclusively face to face. Our students  pay for the hours ‘worked ‘with their teacher: no “homework” is set, no classes where the student is left alone in front of a computer, no “standard” classes.

We understand that learning a foreign language is a personal journey, that no one solution fits all. That is why we create or tailor any programme specifically to individual needs.

To respond effectively to the needs and to the difficulties of learning a foreign language, we put into practice all our teaching experience and our pedagogy to deliver dynamic and clear-cut courses. This is the reason we created our own efficient and well structured methodology, which is very popular with our students. This method  guides students step by step through the labyrinth of language and helps them overcome obstacles with ease, allowing them to be more confident, the essential key for practice.


- We tailor our courses to suit your objectives and your professional needs
- Our teachers can come to your workplace to save you time
- We use excellent teaching  materials designed to improve your performance
- We provide the courses and the exercises, PowerPoint presentations, the use of card games or excel programs to learn the conjugation (French, Italian, Spanish) CD Rom
- The student is evaluated at the beginning of the course and will fill in  a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of his / her language training.

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Elika Training in Sophia Antipolis, France Elika Training in Sophia Antipolis, France Elika Training in Sophia Antipolis, France