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Important Information

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Everyone knows that learning French is not easy! If you want the best chance to learn French in a comfortable and efficient manner, you should take into consideration the following information:

An efficient method is a structured method

Indeed, it is extremely important that the way your teacher introduces new information should be balanced and intended for you to climb the ladder of the learning process slowly but surely. Your teacher should explain to you how it works, why it works, and build a mount and dismount process with exercises and applications that help you to get the right automatisms: conjugation, pronunciation, structure, etc…

An efficient method is a practical method

The rules, the conjugation, the vocabulary are absolutely necessary. Making students speak French without having any structured knowledge is like building a house on sandy soil. However, these rules and grammar points should always be practical and apply in everyday life. You should be able to speak in a simple but understandable way for French people.


An efficient method helps your confidence

If you have learnt all the language mechanisms and if, together with your teacher, you have been able to practice it again and again, then you can say that you have “tamed the “beast” and your confidence will grow. Too many students do not have confidence because they do not really know what they are talking about or how to apply the rules!

Choosing the right method

Who are you and what do you want? Are you a businessman always travelling and are inclined to cancel your lessons? If so, don't choose the group learning option. The group cannot wait for you.

Are you a mother who may have to cancel lessons because your child is sick? In this case you should consider the one to one option. The same if you have difficulties in learning foreign languages, as we are not all equal when we need to learn a foreign language. In this case the individual option, at least to start with, could help you build your confidence working at your own pace & rhythm with dedicated support.

Are you interested in the group option?

Choose a group with ideally no more than 4 students, 6 at the maximum. The more students per group, the greater the chances of not learning in the correct manner. Make sure that new students are not accepted during these sessions, it will halt your own learning process. Check if all nationalities are mixed: an Italian will never learn French in the same way as an English person and the learning process must be different depending on mother tongues.

If the guidance above is not fulfilled, you run the risk of wasting your time.

Are you interested in the intensive option?

An intensive session could be a very good way to launch your French understanding or to improve it rapidly. However, you should take into consideration several important points. We have already mentioned some of them above, but there are more below:

    Are you a complete beginner? Then do not have more than 3 courses a day - your brain will not take it in.
    Are you at a higher level? Take a maximum of 4 courses per day.

Note that any program offering several weeks with more than 4 hours a day are totally counter productive. Your brain will absorb a maximum of 4 to 5 lessons and everything else will be a waste of money.

Is your teacher a certified professional?

Unfortunately, many teachers do not have a diploma in teaching French for foreigners or importantly in French literature. And, some do not even have a post-graduate diploma. How can you explain precisely and clearly an important point of the language or provide explicit answers to your student’s questions if your background is “marketing”? To be French is not a qualification and even though we know our own language very well; we do not always know why and how.

Check a teachers qualifications, their diplomas, and most of all, their references and experience. You should know that the government does not require any specific documents to be a teacher or to operate as a language school.

Note that there is no such thing as an “accreditation” or “accredited” teacher - only a registration number.

We hope that all this information will help you achieve a succesfull learning process and we invite you now to review our packages & programs.